Transformers: Domestic Enforcers


I can only apologise.

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Top work


We’ve got these two spiders out the front of the house who have this last week or two been consistently producing some of the most beautiful webbing I’ve ever seen. One of them, sadly, keeps attaching them to the roof of my car, meaning I’m wrecking her shit every morning. T’other one, though, has found a great spot near the wife’s less frequently used car. And check out the results! Never seen so much small bug carnage.


Not Perfect, but…


He’s a cracking figure, this one. I think in terms of value-per-pound, Perfect Effect PC-16 is a little over-priced (especially if you hook him up with the even more over-priced PC-15 expansion, which I have done). There’s definitely a lot of thin plastic going on. But as a standalone Voyager-sized Optimus he’s terrific, and he definitely works wonderfully with Takara Legends Ginrai (or Hasbro Titans Return Powermaster Prime).


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