Game of a lifetime



I mean, I don’t know if I’d say PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the best game ever. But it’s without doubt GOTY 2017. And would make my all-time Top 10, which is a huge compliment. I have clocked more time with it on Steam (389 hours) than all three Dark Souls games combined, and that’s in under seven months – completely unprecedented for me. I wish I had tracked stats for total hours played on Sensible Soccer, PES 1-5 and Super Mario Kart to compare.

I did an esports



So, as an old guy, I obviously don’t really ‘get’ esports. I don’t understand MOBAs and I don’t relate to esports culture. I do get some of the games – PUBG, obviously, and a few others like Rocket League and Hearthstone. And I’m interested in the business and the ASTONISHING amount of money that’s pumped into it all. I’ve kindly been offered the chance to cover for Jake on esports Pro this week. I’m learning a lot and actually really enjoying it. It also feels nice to write a bit of news again. It really is my writing comfort zone.

You can check it all out here.

322 hours


That’s how long I’ve clocked on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds now, according to Steam. For me, that’s an astonishing amount of time. I can’t recall ever playing a game as compulsively (perhaps Sensible Soccer aside).

Thanks to Nvidia’s new GeForce highlights feature, I’ve also been using it all as an exercise in brushing up my video editing skills.