Titans Return was at least one good thing to happen in 2016


I really liked Hasbro’s Transformers Prime toy line. RiD has produced SOME corkers, too. Combiner Wars was a mixed bag, certainly. A handful of molds recycled over and over to produce lots of dross, some occasional smash hits and, to be fair, some really excellent combiners.

But who saw Titans Return coming?

The hit rate hasn’t been 100%, certainly. Skullsmasher and Mindwipe aren’t great, and personally I’m not at all taken with the Legends or Titan Masters. Or, despite Powermaster Prime, a lot of the Leaders. Voyager Optimus Prime is pretty good, but I really quite strongly dislike Megatron, which is terrible in all three molds.

BUT, and it’s a big but, among the line are some of the very finest deluxes Hasbro has ever made. Wolfwire and Brainstorm and fantastic (especially in their Takara guises), and Chromedome, Highbrow and Hardhead aren’t far behind. Takara Blurr, too, is incredible. And Triggerhappy… well, what can you say? You could say he’s the best deluxe ever, if you liked, and I’m not sure I’d argue.


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