I’ve been away


To Canada. With my girls. It was terrific, but the jet leg has RUINED me. It seems I can no longer brush it off as I once did when I was a nipper. I’ll upload some pics when I’ve been through them. Here’s a taster, though – our hotel view at Lake Louise:


In more frivolous matters, however, what bots arrived in the post in my absence?

Three of them.

Perfect Effect PC-16 Jinrai Prime. I think the build quality is a bit cheap for the price (and note that the PC-15 was also very expensive for what it was) but the figure itself is superb and really makes Legends Powermaster Prime shine.


KO MP-10 Bape Black. Like the other Bape KOs, the quality is so so. The head needed a lot of tightening and one of the pins holding in the silver bumper/Matrix cover needed bashing back in. Looks the part, though. And didn’t cost £300+.


Open and Play Big Spring. I’m more impressed with with him than I expected. Two great and one still decent mode (car), decent materials, posable and one of the better MP 3P transformations I’ve seen (which is all the more impressive for a triple-changer). That chest tab is a ‘mare, though I’ve improved it a lot with some nail varnish. And no instructions? Please. For the price, though, it’s really quite exceptional. And the price does factor into the verdict. For £60 this is a really impressive MP Springer. It’s entirely possible, perhaps even probable, that the Fanstoys bot will be better, but the true question is whether it is twice the price better? We shall see.


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