Influencer update


I’ve done a few guide pieces for before but this is my first named piece. Will be doing a couple a month for them going into 2018. Thanks Steel.


So that’s a year of freelancing done, then. It’s been a bit of a roller coaster (with a terrifying – though fortunately short – dry spell in the summer!) but it’s definitely a lifestyle that suits me. I do like being my own boss and it’s been great working with so many different clients. I’ve still got some work to do to get to a steady level of income that I’m happy with, but I’ve got four possible projects in the pipeline for the new year that would be tremendously exciting if they come off, along with three recurring clients. I could yet return to a salaried full-time role but if I’m able to avoid A) having to put on trousers every day and B) having to commute, then that’ll be splendid.

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