I actually started writing daily for a couple of weeks back, which I don’t think I mentioned. Am still doing monthly features, though, the latest of which went live today. Steel are a good bunch and it’s a real pleasure to work with them.


As for other freelance stuff, it’s a bit of a waiting game right now. I’m hopefully close to having two big recurring contracts finally signed off (it has felt like a long wait) and another project that has been rumbling on for ages has finally kicked into gear and is now gently underway.

Then there’s my big thing, the various processes of which are still ongoing. I kind of don’t dare to dream really as it would be too good to be true, by we’re inching there step by step. A lot of bridges to cross first, however. Would love to be in a position to offer a meaningful update on it but it’s still some way off, if we ever do get there.

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