I have wanted these for so long.


The Turtles, not the cats.

With licensing problems still preventing NECA releasing its Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures in the UK, sourcing them here remains a nightmare – especially when the last few sets have been Comicon exclusives that have sold out online in minutes.

So when NECA announced a re-release for the movie set at GameStop in the US I was super stoked. Annoyingly…

… is blocked in the UK…
… and when using a VPN PayPal would for some reason not work…
… and when trying to use a reshipping service, GameStop would not deliver to the address…
… and when trying to get the reshipper to buy on my behalf, they took 3 days to make the order by which time GameStop had sold out…

So when I got a pay rise, I just ordered the things off eBay. Turtle Power indeed!

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