The 12th Doctor’s best speech


I know folk rate the Zygon Invasion war speech, but that wouldn’t make my Top 3. Although The Doctor Falls wasn’t quite the best Capaldi episode (although it was definitely right up there, and the best in the series by far), I do think it had his best speech.


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The Outgoing Storm



I think Capaldi is a great actor, he’s had (contrary to what at time feels like the negative popular opinion) some incredible episodes. Like, some really, really incredible episodes. And he’s most definitely a good Doctor.


… I think it’s the right time. For me (and my daughter, with whom I was discussing this topic only yesterday) his Doctor is not as satisfying to watch as (the incredible) Matt Smith. Or David Tennant, for that matter. As nervous as I am about Moffat jumping ship, a brand new writing team with a brand new Doctor will at the least shake things up and make for an interesting refresh.

Go on BBC, have the spine to give us a female Doctor, yeah?