Enfield Riots: The Day After – Part 2

Sadly I was unable to get any pictures at the Crown Road retail park, which is completely cordoned off. It’s impossible to get close, though it was easy to see the state Halfords and, in particular, Comet was in.

My highlight, though, was Southbury Road. Next to Enfield Town train station. It was ransacked. But in the middle of it all a news agents, News Chews, stood unharmed, customers negotiating the choas. Daily life going on. Good for them.


Enfield Riots: The Day After – Part 1

Took a walk around the city centre tonight. Very depressing, but thankfully, also calm. Was suprirsed to see so much forensic activity. But also pleased to see that in reality not that many buildings were trashed.



I’ve been trying to rationalise the reasons behind the carnage we’ve seen in North London this weekend. I’ve been doing so tonight while ugly scenes take place a stone’s throw from my home in Enfield.

The only thing I can come up with is the perceived collapse of the capitalist promise.

The dream we’ve all been sold for 25 years is that it’s possible for anyone to achieve their dreams. We’re drowned in images and narratives of the rich and the famous. The public is obsessed with the lives of celebrities. And at heart it’s an aspirational sell.

But that dream us being exposed. After a decade of financial growth and encouraged decadence, we’re suddenly getting poorer. And hopes that it’s more of a blip than a sociological are becoming harder to sustain.

Jobs are becoming increasingly hard to get. Education has been priced out if the hands of the masses.

But we’ve been bred to be consumers. We want to consume. We’re compelled to. Films, games, iPods, TVs, cars, labels, lifestyles. But now we can’t because the weekly shop has soared in price. Fuel prices continue to spiral as oil prices tumble. Insurance has rocketed. Credit suddenly costs.

We’ve been taught to want for nothing yet now we’re told to do without. And for many it doesn’t compute.

So people loot. And they loot comfortably. The police aren’t there to stop them. They walk calmly down the steer with their booty underarm. There’s no shame. They do it in numbers. That normalises it. Willingness becomes consent.

When all respect us lost for society, there’s nothing left to stop us. And we’re at that point.


More pictures from Twitter. What on earth is going to happen when it gets dark?


Following the riots in Tottenham last night (just down the road), we’re currently seeing trouble brewing in Enfield Town. Some pics taken at about 18:55. Apparently police have since come under attack.