Gamers of all types are extremely well catered for these days. However, is there a genre/style of game we’re lacking as gamers? Or is there a particular style of game you’d like to see more of?


If I were ably equipped to sufficiently answer that question it would suggest that I’d make a good games designer. Which I wouldn’t.

Predicting the games of the future is probably a little beyond me. The technologies that power them and how we’d interact with them – that I’d maybe be able to have a better stab at. But the creations themselves? You’re better off asking any one of the many wonderfully talented developers we’re lucky enough to have working in this industry.

As for what I’d like to see more of? Well, that’s a bit more simple. Nothing pleases me more in a game than trying something new. And that’s reflected in some of my favourite games ever. Katamari Damacy on PS2, for instance, was a breath of fresh air when I had to review that way back when. It was brimming with originality that smacked you in the face. It’s sad that the same can’t be said of the sequels which, We Love Katamari aside perhaps, have shown little in the way of innovation or growth.

My favoutie game of 2010 was Heavy Rain, a title that delivered an experience unlike anything I’ve ever had before – be it a game, film or book. A simply incredible game. So while I’ll of course play the next Call of Duty and FIFA games I also hope 2011 throws up something new. Which I’m sure it will.

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