A Transformers magazine, you say?


So, for a while now I’ve been throwing about the idea of doing a magazine (digital, presumably) about the Transformers toy collecting scene.

Now, having worked in publishing for over a decade I’m all too aware of the challenges. And honestly, at this stage I don’t even know if the idea is even viable. Step one was asking around among the community. I’ve done that, and the feedback was pretty positive. Step two is to try and get some more structured feedback.


IF you think maybe you’d be interested in paying for a monthly Transformers collecting magazine, then please do head on over to this link and take a short survey.

To stress – if it isn’t something that interests you (which is FINE and I still love you) then please don’t fill in the survey, as I only get so many responses for free!

But should feedback be positive, then the next stage would be knocking up some designs and then taking the dreaded crowdfunding plunge, which will be an all new world of anxiety and self doubt for me to experience.

And honestly, if nothing comes from it, that’s fine – nothing lost. But I do think there’s an opportunity there for a product that offers value for money and that people will be interested in. And this is the first step…

2 thoughts on “A Transformers magazine, you say?

  1. Seth Barton

    How about a Patreon-backed quarterly with a pretty, shiny print run. After all, your main audience likes physical, collectible things, not digital things.


    • You’re proving your skills there, Seth – the survey results (of which there are loads and I’m really grateful to all of you!) do appear to point somewhere in that direction.


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