Transformers: Domestic Enforcers


I can only apologise.

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Not Perfect, but…


He’s a cracking figure, this one. I think in terms of value-per-pound, Perfect Effect PC-16 is a little over-priced (especially if you hook him up with the even more over-priced PC-15 expansion, which I have done). There’s definitely a lot of thin plastic going on. But as a standalone Voyager-sized Optimus he’s terrific, and he definitely works wonderfully with Takara Legends Ginrai (or Hasbro Titans Return Powermaster Prime).


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Yes, I bought another KFC bot


I forget who said to me that KFC Kingzilla is ‘very KFC’. But yeah, they’re right. I think it’s to do with the sparse paint, unnecessary heaviness, peculiar ratchets and the mix of stiff and loose joints. The swirly grey plastic ain’t great. Decent transformation, though (which should never be underestimated with a 3P) and the jet mode is a big slab of niceness. The whole thing feels solid.

I don’t have much room on the shelf for non-Tranformers: The Movie MP stuff now so this guy has gotta hit big to land a spot. It’s too early to say yet. But how can you not love that dino mode?