y u do dis?


Amazing sculpt? Check. One of Fanstoys’ best, in fact.

Great alt mode? Check, not that I can get it to all tab in correctly, but still.

Horrendous, soul-crushing, enjoyment-sapping transformation? Check. Fanstoys, why u do this?

Standing this side by side with XTB Eligos there’s no doubt that Quietus’ bot mode obliterates it. But had the XTB had a decent transformation, I’d had definitely stuck with it (for the same reason I ended up going for Open & Play’s Big Spring over Apache).

Alas, Eligos is pretty grim too, so Fanstoys wins. But it’s a hollow victory.


Fair play, X-Transbots


I have never been shy of criticising XTB. While the fandom celebrated releases such as Eligos and even the woeful V2 Ollie, I have often been left bemoaning the poor materials and lackluster execution. And while stuff like Paean showed signs of improvement, it wasn’t until Klaatu that I really thought XTB were finally delivering on the long-promised improvement.


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