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This battle damaged version of Wei Jiang’s MPP10 is absolutely incredible, especially for the price. I presume it’s hand painted as the finish is superb. They’ve absolutely nailed that rusty, faded red and blue, too. The contrast with vanilla MPP10 is an absolute joy.


Transformers and World Building


Here’s a snippet (by me) from a wider conversation about the current plot/direction of IDW’s Lost Light Transformers comic series. It’s a subject close to my heart for reasons that hopefully I’ll be able to divulge at some point in the who-knows-when-or-if future:

“Typically is most fiction the ‘bad’ guys are characterised by the oppressive rulers – think The Empire/First Order from Star Wars, to name one of countless examples. The ‘good’ guys, meanwhile, are the freedom fighters (Rebels/Resistance) who seek to assert individuality. On that reading, in a lot of TF fictions the Autobots are the establishment elite and the Decepticons fight for freedom from that rule. In the case of Transformers there are of course a thousand other nuances which upend this argument, although none of that presents a big a problem as the fact that what each side is actually fighting for is frequently vague and undefined. These things, however, are definitely a problem that Roberts has identified and attempted to tackle, at least from what I have read.

“And spot on about the robots being humanised – always have been, and have to be really. Which again leads to another problem. With humanisation comes the natural veer towards human problems – relationships, procreation, mortality. None of which is addressed by the basic TF narrative model. I personally find it impossible to conjure a compelling TF universe that, as a result, doesn’t take all of these elements into account and try and construct the universe around them. Which is actually ideal as it gives the writer tremendous freedoms to sculpt something original that serves whatever their narrative goals may be.”



Having MP-39 alongside MP-12 really highlights how much the Masterpiece line has evolved, even since the MP-10 ‘reboot’. These modern releases have clearly been influenced by the third party market, with higher part counts, greater posability and, of course, an elevated price. I still love MP Sideswipe (and in some ways perhaps prefer the simplicity of the old MP cars, possibly?) but there’s no denying that Takara has taken the 3P model and proved that it can still lead the market. MP-39 is leaps and bounds ahead of Badcube’s Sunsurge, undoubtedly.


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2017’s Top 10 Transformers


2017 was fucking grim, right? Britain is needlessly tearing itself apart over a vote cast on the back of lies, hate and ignorance, and America has already torn itself apart after the victory of that vacuous idiot and his hollow rhetoric. So let’s take a moment to celebrate the little joys the last 12 months have offered us, shall we? There was PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, for one. And the #metoo movement. And BBC’s Taboo. And more Detectorists. And that Anansi scene from American Gods. Robot Wars was great this year too, eh? And a female Doctor! And that fight in The Last Jedi! And dogs! And a shit load of great Transformers.

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Good dino, sweet dino


I caved and got the first of the Power of the Primes Dinobots when the second restock appeared on Kapow. It’s mad that they didn’t pack Grimlock with a weapon (here I’ve repurposed the sword from the ZhanJiang OS KO).

Grimlock’s probably the weakest of the three, especially in dino mode. But it’s easy to forget just how blown away our childhood minds would have been with a set of Dinobots that are so well articulated and authentic to the G1 models.

I will complete the set for sure (Slash aside), even though I’m going to be picking and choosing when it comes to POTP. I’ll grab the leader Optimus as soon as I’m able, and possibly Rodimus. But that may be the extent of it – providing I can resist Predaking!