Zhan Jiang D01 OS Grimlock


Not all KOs are equal. It used to be that buying a KO meant sacrificing quality. Nowadays, that isn’t always the case. While it’s certainly true that some knock offs are still low-brow alternatives of the source material, it’s not uncommon for modern KOs to match or perhaps even better the original.


I’ve not handled an original Warbotron Grimlock so don’t know how this Zhan Jiang D01 oversized KO compares. I’d be surprised if the D01 was on par, however. It’s super light, and some of the tab tolerances are overly tight, most likely because they were measured up without taking paint thickness into account.

However, for £21 delivered from smartlulup2010 on AliExpress he’s on point! He looks terrific in both modes, and while the transformation requires a little too much force to be put on slightly too thin plastic, it works. The joint tolerances are decent too, although I might Future up one of the elbow joints a tad.

I got this guy to replace FOC voyager Grimlock on my CHUG TFTM shelf, and he’ll definitely be doing just that.




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