X-Transbots Peaen


Sometimes having super-low expectations can be a really good thing.


I bought this despite my better judgement, and the advice of others. As much as Badcube’s Hoist was nicely put together and made out of some very good materials, the awkward (albeit nice looking) robot and horrific transformation meant I never much liked it.

I didn’t really expect to like Peaen, either, having loathed Apollyon and been so-so on Andras, Eligos and Boost. Arkose is really the only one I’ve got on with, and even he’s compromised.

As is Peaen, to be honest. Those hands are an accident waiting to happen, the shoulder clearances are stupid and the materials are just about acceptable. But the paint on the vehicle mode, while sub-par, is not as bad as I feared. The alt is really solid and I admit the bot looks very nice indeed. Really, it’s just decent shoulders away from actually being rather good. As it stands, though, it probably is still ‘good’, which is a nice surprise.

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