Having a Huff


V2 Huff is an odd one. Definitely a far more solid bot in hand than the first one which, honestly, I think gets too much praise (the worst paint I’ve ever experienced, shitty leg joints, awkward transformation). V2 is also hands down the best Badcube transformation to date. By a mile. It’s decent.


On the flip side, the materials feel very so-so. That orange plastic is solid enough and does the job but a coat of paint or a richer/deeper colour, or perhaps different texturing, would have gone a long way. And the alt is fine. Not as nice to look at as the V1, but fine. It’s a good time for minibot MPs, though. Klaatu is, against all the odds, really solid. And am itching to get DX9 Powerglide from Kapow.


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