Combiner Wars Liokaiser


I had successfully resisted buying this for really quite some time. I even held firm the first time Kapow got cheap stock for £80. I was not so resolute second time, however.



And I must admit Hasbro has done a great job with the molds. Admittedly Dezarus using the Sky Lynx mold is a bit of a double-edged sword. Good in so far as it’s an excellent torso mold (and one I was keen to have an example of beyond Sky Lynx, as he felt standalone to me) but bad in that it’s nothing like the source character (who, incidentally, I have zero attachment to and hadn’t even heard of before Combiner Wars, as he’d only ever featured in the Japan-only cartoon Victory).

But Guyhawk and Fellbat are wonderful. The latter, in particular, is an excellent retooling. And Ironbison and Drillhorn achieve the impossible by making good on that troubled Brawl mold. It’s a terrific set (although so was Megatronia, and she still got sold on…).


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