Fanstoys Koot

Koot then – looks terrific in both modes, as you’d expect from Fanstoys. That transformation, though! The pain. Which I guess you sorta kind of also expect from Fanstoys, to a degree. Some of their stuff is a doddle to transform but plenty isn’t. I think this is possibly the least enjoyable I’ve experienced from them, moreso even than Sovereign.

A major issue on mine was the sliding mechanism for the wheel assembly – that fucker did not want to budge. Had to get two spludgers on it and twist them to ease it up. Realised of course it then did not want to move back, which was even fiddlier, but I had to to get some silicone grease in there to save it all. Fortunately it now seems to move alright, because without it those arms or hinges were definitely going to snap.
In greasing it up, however, that then caused his abdominal piece to become loose and start falling out, so I’ve had to glue that in place. It’s a part that comes under pressure from the position of the arms during transformation, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see it fall off for other people too.
Even ignoring all of that, the clearances for everything are way off. There’s not enough room at the back between the bot and backpack to swing around his hip and side panels properly. I can see no good way to close the cab and the side skirting in an order that isn’t putting undue pressure on one part or another. Closing up the front of the vehicle is a pain, requiring two parts on separate hinges to be hinged up in unison while holding the rear. It’s all just a massive ballache. I’m sure it would get easier with practice but am not particularly sure that’s a pain I want to experience. It all feels a bit XTB, albeit with better quality materials.
What a shame it all is, because it’s a character I’ve wanted an MP of for ages. And he looks fantastic in bot – that backpack is not an issue at all, and the face sculpt is spot on.
The Targetmaster is brilliant, though. Best one I’ve seen at MP scale.
UPDATE: So I gave Koot the “second transformation from memory on the sofa in front of the TV test” and he passed! Sort of. There are still a couple of steps I can’t do without a tool, which always bugs me. Getting the wheels past the backpack is still a tolerance nightmare, as is getting the leg covers that move forward to cover the arms into position. It’s one of those transformations where everything needs to be done in a very specific order, with a bit of going back and forth for minor adjustments as you go.
But it is learnable, and doable, and doesn’t take too one long once you’re comfortable with it. It will always be more fiddly than it should be, and it completely lacks any magic transformation moments.
But I guess I love the bot and alt so much (and desperately want an MP Kup) so I’m forcing myself to learn it. Definitely not a transformation to love, but one that can perhaps be learnt not to hate. Providing the wheels don’t snap off because, fuck me, that backpack really needed a second hinge.

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