Opus Magnum hurts my brain


Opus Magnum - Hangover Cure (2017-10-29-11-04-26)

My experience with puzzle games is normally as follows:

  1. Load them up
  2. Fail to immediately understand them
  3. Close them
  4. Never play them again

Which speaks volumes about my embarrassing impatience and worsening attention span. While Opus Magnum left me bewildered for a few frustrating minutes at the start, for some reason I found it within myself to press through this most meager of barriers – and thank god I did, because it’s terrific.

It’s about yoldy-worldy alchemy and chemical bonds and stuff, and while I have literally skipped through every second of the ‘narrative’, I find the mechanics of the puzzles themselves to be really quite delightful. It’s tremendously open-ended, letting you be as wasteful or as efficient as you like. I like my machines to look pwetty.

It lets you save gifs of your solutions at the end too, which is great.

Opus Magnum - Airship Fuel (2017-10-29-11-46-24)Opus Magnum - Armor Filament (2017-10-29-23-23-41)Opus Magnum - Explosive Phial (2017-10-29-23-15-48)Opus Magnum - Hair Product (2017-10-29-19-59-40)Opus Magnum - Mist of Incapacitation (2017-10-29-22-46-08)Opus Magnum - Precision Machine Oil (2017-10-29-12-57-43)Opus Magnum - Rocket Propellant (2017-10-29-20-13-42)Opus Magnum - Stamina Potion (2017-10-29-14-08-19)Opus Magnum - Surrender Flare (2017-10-30-00-20-20)Opus Magnum - Waterproof Sealant (2017-10-29-01-47-05)

Opus Magnum - Climbing Rope Fiber (2017-10-30-16-27-50)Opus Magnum - Life-Sensing Potion (2017-10-30-23-54-13)Opus Magnum - Seal Solvent (2017-10-30-15-33-06)


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