Dave: A Collection


If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll be all too aware of my thoughts on Dave the cat. We have two cats. Katamari is a normal ‘cat’ cat but Dave is… I don’t even know. A moron. An arse. Largely unlikable. Very, very stupid. He’s got a lot of love in him, I’ll give him that, but he ‘cats’ so very badly.

Here are some ‘highlights’.



This is Dave pissing in the sink shortly after we moved house. This is taken mid-piss while I can hear the piss trickling down the plug hole. He wasn’t allowed out at the time, but we did have a litter tray down. He just wouldn’t use it. He would shit in the bath, too, but I don’t have a picture of that. Thankfully.

IMG_0959IMG_2422IMG_3085IMG_3498September 022IMG_3462IMG_3104IMG_3369IMG_1099IMG_3406September 002IMG_2315IMG_1368IMG_1173IMG_0237IMG_3496IMG_0977IMG_2420IMG_3124IMG_3478Dave

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