The fuck, Fanstoys?


We all want a decent Masterpiece Arcee. And Fanstoys look the like the ones to deliver it. Whoop! This is all going to be great, right?


She looks fantastic, doesn’t she?


Oh man, I can’t wait!


Hmm, I’m not quite sure why she’s standing like that, but OK, she still looks cool.


Oh. Right. Hmm, well, at least the articulation is good, I guess…


Oh right, I see. Well done Fanstoys. You went right there, then. And you’re including an orgasm face in the box, are you? Great.

Isn’t it really just super-fucking-lame that these companies seem unable to sell female-styled robots without resorting to this sort of shite? Who are these manchildren coming up with all this?

“But if you’re upset about Springer being made to have simulated fellatio with Arcee, why aren’t you equally as upset about her being pink and having lipstick and heels?” the knobheads cry out in a feeble attempt at justifying their unhealthy hentai masturbating habits.

There is absolutely a debate to be had about Arcee’s stylings as seen in Transformers: The Movie. The colour, the heels, the lips – it’s all bullshit. And the modern takes on the Arcee character are to be applauded for (mostly) doing away with them.


However, one must also see all of this through the lens of the period in which it was released. This in no way excuses it (any more than an ousted sexual predator arguing that “things were different in the ’80s” excuses that), but we are in many instances nostalgia collectors. The Arcee of our childhoods¬†is¬†this Arcee, and in a Masterpiece Movie lineup (which I am collecting) she is a pivotal part, bullshit stylings and all.

All of which is a fucking world away from a modern company in 2017 choosing to market this figure in a way in which they would not even dream of doing with a non-female robot.

Thus, I feel very fucking comfortable perched on top of this high horse.

Oh, and we haven’t forgotten about you either, Toyworld.


2 thoughts on “The fuck, Fanstoys?

  1. Blackarachnia

    Wow, are you anti-feminine. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with celebrating female sexuality, even with a “female” robot. There’s no debate to be had with Arcee’s classic look, femininity was something looked up to back in the 80s, unlike today were unless a woman looks “butch” or “masculine” people (like this article) act like she’s freak for just being female. “Male” is not the default people, being female is 100% natural. Frankly, Transformers Prime Arcee’s look was a disgrace, which is why it was so unpopular, even today. Most people are capable of understanding that a woman can be sexy AND strong, the designers behind the original look of Arcee got that, and clearly Fanstoy does too. Arcee was someone young girls could look up to and make them take pride in being girls. This article simply reeks with misogyny.


    • Oh god yeah, massive anti-feminist me. That really comes across strongly in my posts.

      Poor attempt at trolling, but poor enough so as to be entertaining so I’ve approved it. It will be useful in the future when I need to direct people to examples of misogynistic trolling weakly dressed up as the opposite.


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