Limb-bot Misfits


I’ve been looking forward to completing the ‘limb-bot misfits’ Combiner team for a while. Rook, Alpha Bravo, Off Road and now Blast Off are a great set – and rich for narratives. Underdogs bonded through their rejection. But the question has always been which voyager to unite them under.


Any of the Optimus variants are automatically a no-go because of the horrendous torso mode. And as much as I love the Superion/Computron/Abominus torso, I’d prefer a bit of variety. For the same reason I’d also rule out the new Inferno version of the Menasor/Bruticus torso.

Starscream seems like a good fit, thematically, but I am not a fan of that figure at all. I think it works better with Elita-1, who I’m using for now. It’s quite a peculiar torso but it kind of works in an odd way.

Of course, Sky Lynx probably ticks all of the boxes. I still think it’s the best torso the line has produced. But having foolishly sold mine I’d now face a steep bill on the secondary market. Plus, it’s nice to have an example of every mold, which Elita-1 provides.

First. world. Problems.

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