2016’s Top 10 Transformers


2016 has been fucking shite, as we all know. Just this week we’ve lost the incredible Carrie Fisher. Yet that utterly devastating news isn’t even the worst of it when you consider the election of Donald Drumpf and the fucking madness that is the Brexit vote and all that has followed. And Wogan. And Daniels. Yet flying in the face of this relentless unimaginable shit storm, 2016 has somehow been an absolute cracker in one respect – Transformers.

Not only has there not been a Bay film, but we’ve also been treated to an unprecedented number of official and third party Masterpiece releases. On top of that, we’ve enjoyed the debut of one of the best mainstream Hasbro lines in recent times. Picking a Top 10 was quite the task. But nonetheless, here it is:

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