REVIEW: KO MP-10 Eva Optimus Prime


One Masterpiece to rule them all. You may choose to argue that MP-10 is not the greatest masterpiece ever made because you’re young and you’re cool and you’re a hipster and an individual and rise about the ‘sheeple’. But you’re also wrong. MP-10 is, as they say down our way, ‘the bollocks’.

OK, I concede that you at least maintain the right not to adore MP-10 above all others, but I’m happy to go with the crowd on this one. He’s a magnificent figure, with two virtually perfect and kibble free modes that sport a gorgeous anime look. There are complaints to be made, such as the vehicle rear still looking a bit leggy. Some cite the figure’s ‘gorilla’ arms (which I’ll take any day over the added kibble introduced by the Shadow Fisher add-on). And some specimens might be troubled by loose ankles or smokestacks. But, really, to criticise MP-10 is prove yourself impossible to please. This is as good as it gets.


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