Game of a lifetime



I mean, I don’t know if I’d say PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the best game ever. But it’s without doubt GOTY 2017. And would make my all-time Top 10, which is a huge compliment. I have clocked more time with it on Steam (389 hours) than all three Dark Souls games combined, and that’s in under seven months – completely unprecedented for me. I wish I had tracked stats for total hours played on Sensible Soccer, PES 1-5 and Super Mario Kart to compare.

322 hours


That’s how long I’ve clocked on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds now, according to Steam. For me, that’s an astonishing amount of time. I can’t recall ever playing a game as compulsively (perhaps Sensible Soccer aside).

Thanks to Nvidia’s new GeForce highlights feature, I’ve also been using it all as an exercise in brushing up my video editing skills.