My own Spider-verse


Spider Punk arrived today and I think he really makes this display.

Officially, however, I definitely do not collect Marvel Legends. Nope. Not me. And I’m not on the look out for good prices on Scarlet Spider or Spider-Man 2099.


(For those who are interested, from left-to-right, top-to-bottom: Superior Spider-Man, Iron Spider [Avengers Infinity War], Garfield-era Amazing Spider-Man, Spider Noir, Classic Spider-Man, Spider Punk, Venom, Spider UK, Spider Gwen, Miles Morales, PS4 Spider-Man.)

Spider Dash Man


In a career writing about video games, the act of scribbling out ‘Spiderman’ with a red pen and scrawling ‘Spider DASH Man’ in the margins is an act I’ve performed countless times.

In other news, the photo mode in MARVEL’S SPIDER DASH MAN on PS4 is just as much fun as it was in Horizon Zero Dawn.


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