I really do want to urge anyone who’s undecided (and perhaps even a few who aren’t) to vote to Remain in the EU tomorrow. It would be a sad day were the British public to be won over by the deceit and racist lies sprouted by the largely vile group of individuals fronting the Leave campaign. There is not a single compelling, logical argument for Britain being better outside the EU. All the evidence – and just good old fashioned common sense – clearly shows that a Leave vote would be detrimental and potentially harmful. Farage is nothing more than a vile bigot. The fact he smokes and likes a pint doesn’t change that. Boris is a self-motivated liar who cares for his career, not our country. Gove? His political track record speaks for itself. Fear, difference and hate are the oldest political tricks in the book, and always the first refuge for those who can find no ally in reason and decency. Don’t let hate and anger win. Don’t let this toxic trio trick you. The EU was founded on the principles of peace and unity. Its very purpose was to defeat hate. That is something actually worth embracing.