Upbeat about Downbeat


I’ve not had much of a chance to get bots into the lightbox recently for an assortment of reasons. I recently had a bit of a health scare and whilst all is fortunately fine (horrific MRI claustrophobia panic attack aside), I am on some new meds and they’re knocking me for six. Plus, I’ve got a potentially big project (Transformers related!) in the very early and still shouldn’t be getting excited about stages that is hoovering up the time in which I am well enough to work.

I have been enjoying some bots though!



Generation Toy Gravity Builder is WONDERFUL. I actually think I’ll display them individually, such is my love for the members themselves. The set really has exceeded all of my expectations. Three of them would have made it into my 2016 Top 10 had I have got them sooner. Then there’s Maketoys Downbeat. Goddam! Fiddly legs, but two absolutely colossal modes and an acceptable transformation. Fanstoys Sovereign? Great bot, OK alt, tedious Transformation. Badcube Grump? Great bot, OK alt, fucking stupid Transformation.

I’m itching to get the lightbox out for some of these guys. Soon, hopefully, unless Trump’s stupidity swells to such gargantuan proportions that it assumes its own gravitational mass and causes the moon to crash into Earth and destroy us all. Which on current global form would be a bit of a relief.


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