Having MP-39 alongside MP-12 really highlights how much the Masterpiece line has evolved, even since the MP-10 ‘reboot’. These modern releases have clearly been influenced by the third party market, with higher part counts, greater posability and, of course, an elevated price. I still love MP Sideswipe (and in some ways perhaps prefer the simplicity of the old MP cars, possibly?) but there’s no denying that Takara has taken the 3P model and proved that it can still lead the market. MP-39 is leaps and bounds ahead of Badcube’s Sunsurge, undoubtedly.



One thought on “MP-39

  1. I was a bit hesitant on getting Sunstreaker as I have a real dislike of overly complicated transformers, but he’s really not that bad. There’s a couple of bits that annoy me (I keep forgetting which way I’m supposed to rotate the roof engine, and the wing mirrors worry me every time I put them in the legs), but he’s still a lot slicker than a lot of 3rd party transformations. And he looks really nice. Although I do wish the head was a bit more toy-based than cartoon based, but I understand that’s not what they’re going for.


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