Hasbro Masterpiece Shattered Glass MP-10 Optimus Prime



I’m probably not going to have time to write a review on this one. In short: He’s MP-10, so he’s great. At the same time it’s not as premium as it might be, and arguably the colour choices on the KO Shattered Glass are better, even if the build quality is almost definitely not. The lack of chrome on the grill and stacks is a shame. Still, I would give this¬†4 or 4.5 Stars, probably. It’s still awesome. Although not as awesome as that new Black Camo Bape MP-10, which the last time I checked was ¬£380+ on eBay. FFS. Wow, these short reviews are a piece of piss! Time to re-write the style guide.

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AMAZING birthday present


I’ve had years of socks and kitchenware and grown up nonsense. This year I wanted toys and Mrs Ben and No.1 certainly delivered. Optimus fecking Prime!

Now, I won’t lie. Either I’m getting old or Transformers are getting more complicated. But to get from the above image to the below image took me 45 minutes. Though it does have a maximum ‘5’ rating on the “how hard is it to transform” scale. The instructions were next to useless.

I remember when I was a child I used to mock grown ups for not being able to transform Transformers.