AMAZING birthday present


I’ve had years of socks and kitchenware and grown up nonsense. This year I wanted toys and Mrs Ben and No.1 certainly delivered. Optimus fecking Prime!

Now, I won’t lie. Either I’m getting old or Transformers are getting more complicated. But to get from the above image to the below image took me 45 minutes. Though it does have a maximum ‘5’ rating on the “how hard is it to transform” scale. The instructions were next to useless.

I remember when I was a child I used to mock grown ups for not being able to transform Transformers.

My birthday


It’s that time of year when the family starts asking what I want for my birthday. I ALWAYS say Gamestation vouchers but this year I thought I’d be creative.

So this year, anyone who asks is getting this response.

Any one of the following:

1) Optimus Prime. And not some nonsense modern one that changes into a herring or something. It needs to be red and blue, change into a truck and have a big gun.

2) A telescope

3) A microscope

4) An RC car kit

Being a parent properly puts you back in touch with your childish side.