This is a really, really good Star Wars poster



Rey is so going to be my favourite Jedi. I can just tell.

Things I love about this poster:

  1. Rey rocks the Jedi power fantasy without being remotely sexualised
  2. Her lightsaber is blue but also a bit red
  3. Luke looks fucking boss
  4. Kylo Ren is smaller than Luke because he’s a little pussy but that pussy anger will make him also badass
  5. Minimalist art for the most triple-A of films offers the hope of restraint

REVIEW: Rogue One


I like to imagine the now time-rich George Lucas returns to the original trilogy alone in his mansion’s editing studio now and then and does all sorts of wacky shit. Far zanier than chucking in some CGI spaceships, fucking up the Ewok song and, I dunno, giving the Sarlacc a bowler hat. I mean really drastic shit like, removing the opening crawl and, erm, perhaps even ditching the opening Star Wars sting entirely. Then he cracks open a 7Up, sits back and violently swears while imagining all the fanboy tears.

Spoilers, obviously.

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