That Bumblebee trailer, then



Lots of folks on my timeline are very excited about the new Bumblebee trailer this morning. I certainly concede that it doesn’t look very Bay, which is of course a wonderful thing. I also acknowledge that the robot design’s styling leans more towards G1 (he’s a Beetle!) than the wretched Bay aesthetic. At the same time, my relationship with the live-action Transformers movieverse is so deeply wounded after the horrors of the Bay movies that it will take more than a trailer for a new film looking less Bay-like for me to be able to assume any position of positivity.

But, yeah, of course I hope it’s good. I want to enjoy Transformers films because I love Transformers. And I love films. I don’t enjoy hating Transformers films. And I don’t enjoy the polarising effect they’ve had on the fandom.

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