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I shall not yet again go on about my overwhelming dislike of the Bay films. However, I think this take on a Megatron that is both recognisably G1 but also more anatomically human is fascinating – and infinitely preferable to the hideous aesthetic we saw in the films.



REVIEW: Takara MP-36 Masterpiece Megatron


Sooooo, the big one! I’m trying to recall if I’ve ever been as hyped for a release as I am for this. It was the lure of a ‘proper’ Masterpiece Megatron – Apollyon, in that instance – that drew me back into Transformers collecting. MP-10 had survived the purge, and I just knew I needed Apollyon to stand alongside him.

Of course, as it transpired, Apollyon was shambolic. In the time that has followed, however, two worthy MP Megatrons have been released. DX9 Mightron was very decent, but Maketoys Despotron was the one that stole my heart. He got 5 Stars from me just last week. Could Takara ever hope to better such a mighty fine figure? Well, let’s be honest – the early coverage of MP-36 wasn’t promising, was it?

MP26 (16)

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