Takara Unite Warriors Megatronia



Apologies for the ongoing lack of ‘proper’ reviews. I’m getting a lot better with my new meds so reckon I might be up to some photography soon (and there are OH SO MANY figures to choose from – Maketoys Downbeat and Gravity Builder in particular screaming out at me). I’ve also been bogged down in another big project which has just entered a bit of downtime, so fingers crossed.

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So, so stupid


You know that thing where you take a punt on a Transformer you’ve been eyeing for a while, and you don’t really know what to expect, and then it turns up and it’s just an absolute delight? Well, I missed the boat initially on both of the Takara TAV Optimus Primes. However, I saw both the vanilla and the Supreme versions on Chimungmung recently and took a punt on the pricier one. And he’s glorious! He’s absurd, obviously, and in no way fit for a TF Prime collection due to the obscene size. But he’ll make the most joyous of additions to one of my Optimus shelves.

I take particular delight in the way you think the roof of the cab is missing, but then the feet swing all the way from the bottom to the top to complete it. Fittingly ridiculous. God, I love it.

(And props to Chimungmung – he was only dispatched late last week owing to Chinese New Year and he’s here today, complete with a complimentary emblem sheet).